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For indoor producers, LED lights have progressed toward becoming by a wide margin the best alternative to be considered. This is a direct result of the different points of interest that LEDs gives. One of the significant favorable position is that LED develop lights is that these lights discharge a wide range of lights and these lights are not costly when contrasted with other develop lights with full range like sulfur plasma develop light and so forth.  Best led grow lights For the money 2019 Review.

The LED (light emanating diodes) are significantly accessible in 4 types in market. A grower can pick the sort according to his prerequisites. Each light has its own one of a kind qualities, focal points and drawbacks. 

Plunge LED Lights – Dual in-line bundle LED lights are one of the most seasoned kind of LED lights. It was made of two parallel sticks that were associated from one end and a chip embedded in a hard plastic that was put on the interfacing pin side. They were very acclaimed around then as they were sturdy and radiated brilliant lights. Be that as it may, those lights produced just four lumens for every LED. These lights are very little utilized now to develop indoor plants. 

SMD LED Lights – Surface mounted gadget LED is a kind of light that has surface mount innovation. These lights have extensive variety of utilizations. They are utilized in LED light lights, road lights, indoor stylistic theme lights and so forth. These lights can change shading, it has three shading diodes– red green and blue diodes. Henceforth with these hues any shading yield can be created. SMD LEDs have preferred lumens over DIP LEDs. There is a procedure of binding which is done straightforwardly on the circuit board. If not patching, the SMD chips ate mounted on circuit board. The SMD LED is a development rendition of LED. Plunge LED can deliver just 4 lumens for each LED, yet SMDs can create up to 50 – 100 lumens for every watt. 

COB LED Lights – Chips on board LEDs are the most recent kinds of LED lights that are being utilized. The use of these lights is very adaptable. Since they deliver vast number of lumens lights in little measure of vitality utilized, they are utilized in littler gadgets like a blaze light in cameras and so on. These lights contain different diodes (as a rule 9 diodes) in a solitary board or surface. These lights can not change shading diodes. 

MCOB LED lights – Multiple chips on board are the more up to date redesigned form of COB lights. These lights are exceedingly proficient as they deliver substantial measure of light, with less warmth age. These lights have various chips in a solitary surface utilizing diode innovation. The CRI (Color rendering file) is very high in these lights and they create high number of lumens expending less vitality. 

Favorable circumstances of SMD (surface mounted gadget) LED lights and COB (chip on board) LED lights. 

Favorable circumstances of SMD (surface mount gadget) LED – 

It utilizes low vitality or voltage and give more brilliant and lit up yield. These lights emanate expansive measure of light in less vitality utilization. The substantial measure of light yield is useful for expansive develop estimate territory. 

These lights have numerous different uses like, Indoor house lights, restroom, kitchen lights. They are likewise accessible in string lights. Since they discharge huge measure of light and produce less warmth, so they are a decent alternative for indoor ranches too. 

These lights are accessible in different sizes and alternatives. Henceforth a producer can modify and get the sort of SMD light required. 

SMD light can create Red, Blue and green lights. This upgrades the shading range of the lights. Thus improving it a possibility for indoor producers. 

Points of interest of COB (chip on board) LED lights – 

These lights have more number of diodes as contrast with SMD lights. Consequently from a little measure of vitality or watt it produces higher measure of vitality. 

Since these lights can deliver higher measure of light from littler space, these lights are effectively utilized in glimmer lights of a camera or cell phone 

These lights create higher lumen lights in less watt. Likewise, the warmth age is less when contrasted with different lights. This viewpoint makes it extremely suitable for indoor ranch as it would not require separate cooling specialists. 

Hindrances of SMD (surface mounted gadget) LED lights and COB (chip on board) LED lights. 

These lights can not be utilized for vast develop territories or greater zone. SMD LEDs are not appropriate for Higher voltages or higher power utilization uses. 

The upkeep cost and manual model expense is higher. These lights are accessible anyplace in market however once introduced, their upkeep may go higher and may increment to by and large yield cost. 

These lights are not as hearty as DIP LED lights. SMD lights are not intended to have a more extended life. 

When contrasted with COB (chip on board) LED lights, they have less lumens radiated. 

Drawbacks of COB (chip on board) LED lights. 

These lights don't radiate diverse hues when contrasted with SMD lights. It yield arrives in a solitary shading. Thus, chip on board LED lights can't be utilized as shading changing knobs like SMD lights. 


LEDs have been a decent choice for indoor producers. With headway in LEDs like SMD innovation and COB innovation, it has recently added to its points of interest. Both SMD and COB are great choices to go for and both have their own one of a kind focal points and disservices. Thus before picking the lights its critical to learn the prerequisite. 

On one hand SMD lights have shading changing alternatives in globules and cylinder light fittings. What's more, then again, COB has better brilliant light age in less vitality utilization when contrasted with SMD lights. 

Innovation and vitality utilization shrewd cultivators can pick Chip on board innovation, as it has great iridescent per watt yield. Be that as it may, if producers need diverse shading evolving alternative, they should pick SMD LED lights. 

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